Any ideas why 3D model export works like a charm but 2D graphic (dwg) does nothing?


Well it seems like my computers isn’t that strong enough. Although doubt. Sometimes my activity monitor points out: ‘sketchUp not working’ and afterwards it does an export ok anyway (hours passing). But I guess it has to do something with the fact i got over a million edges and purging is not an option. Any idea’s?

With nearly 1.5 million edges, it’s not surprising that a 2D DWG export takes a long time. I expect there are many of those edges that aren’t needed in the 2D export with proper use of layers, you could limit the export to only those edges that are needed.

Your model shows some other issues that ought to be cleaned up. There’s a fair amount of stray geometry and lots of reversed faces. The stray geometry doesn’t help your model but it adds to the overhead.

There are things that could be simplified a great deal without really hurting anything. Nearly 4000 edges and faces in a single banana is overkill. The cart with the propane tanks is over modeled for use in the larger setting. No real need for the valves, regulators and hoses on the tanks, for example. The trailer hitch on the cart is overly detailed. Do you even need it? In its current location it wouldn’t work to tow the cart. Is there a reason for the internal details of the cash drawer on that cart? In general, I think you could stand to greatly simplify the model and reduce the unneeded detail to make it more manageable.

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