My Sketchup won't export DWG, it takes its time yet nothing is exported

My Sketchup won’t export DWG, it takes its time yet nothing is exported at the end

this is my file , please help.

More than 3 million edges in your model will take time to export.

It would help if you fixed up incorrect tag usage making sure all edges and faces are untagged.
Screenshot - 12_11_2022 , 8_33_15 AM

And purge unused stuff.
Screenshot - 12_11_2022 , 8_34_38 AM

After purging, the file size was reduced by 71%.

Many of the components in your model are very heavily detailed. More detailed than they need to be for the way you are using them. Simplifying them would help eith the export by reducing the number of edges the exporter needs to deal with.

The towel shelves are probably the worst. Way too much detail in the towels for what they add to your whole story.

As another example, the bed has two mattresses neither of which is visible without the section cut. That’s more geometry for the exporter to deal with but it doesn’t add anything useful to the model.

By the way, there are a lot of exposed backfaces–the blue ones. You should correct those especially if you intend to do any rendering of the model.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
Finally, I did it.

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