Can't export file to dwg format 2d

Hi there, would anyone be able to take a look at my project and see why it is this files so big ive grouped every layer and it shouldnt be this big"!

Upload the file to a file sharing service like Drop Box and share the link.

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File size alone shouldn’t prevent exporting to DWG, but exports can take a long time, even hours or overnight. In my experience the exporter and importer in version 2022 is faster than in older ones.

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i appreciate both your help. Dropbox - sketchupss.skp - Simplify your life

please see if theres any ways of reducing the size of this or ways of exporting it to 2d dwg

Some things I’ve found:

Stray geometry at a huge distance from the rest of the model.

Incorrect tag usages. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 3_28_2022 , 8_35_34 AM

Purging unused stuff will help a little in this case.
Screenshot - 3_28_2022 , 8_36_04 AM

I expect all that furniture in your model is largely responsible for the long export time. All that geometry has to be exported and there is a lot of it. The bed is not the worst offender in the model. It was just the closest to the section plane. (Doesn’t anyone know how to make a bed anymore?)

As @Anssi suggests, you will just need to be patient.Or you could clean up the furniture components and reduce or eliminate the unneeded geometry.

wow i cant thank you enough mate, i really appreciate it, this ill sort out - re the bed yes im a lazy unistudent!

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Many of your furnishing components are very heavy, and your model has many copies of them.

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It’s unfortunate that you’ve made groups for furniture like the beds. Since they all look the same you could have used a component and if you had, it would be quick work to replace the mattress, duvet, and pillow with a much simpler version. As it is you’ll have to go through the model an edit each one. Or edit one and replace all of the others.

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