Exporting a section

i tired exporting a dwg file from a sketchup model but either it takes so long that it cant even export or the file that exported doesnt include objects in my model.


could you share here the sketchup file please (and the dwg aswell) ? (drag it in the message box, or through wetransfer)

If not possible, could we at least have a look at the statistics ?
window - info about model - statistics, and tick the top option to have stats about everything.

Because right now, we’re a bit in the dark :slight_smile:

oh sorry. im in a rush for school project so i didnt think that much hahah :smiley: im trying to take floor plans and elevation from my model but because of the issues that i wrote before i cant do it. i loaded sketchup model in the dropbox url. if you cant open it please tell me.

ikincikat.dwg (31.6 KB)

hey @ateliernab ! did you have a chance to look at it? im waiting for your response :sweat_smile:

You have a 300 MB file with 11 million edges, you will have to be patient when exporting to dwg or to remove (and purge) the high-poly components imported from the 3D warehouse.

I didn’t find any sections in your model.
This is what the DWG file you posted looks like in DWG TrueView:

It is what you get if you export a section slice: a 2D cut through the model, with no other things.

Get rid of all the 3D Warehouse junk. More than 11 million edges for a house model is ridiculous. To export this to DWG (2D view or 3D model) will take a very long time, overnight perhaps.

yeah well, it was rugby this afternoon, 6 nations. Can’t do both. :slight_smile:
I checked, and… basically what Mihai and Anssi said.
weirdly enough, your dwg contains not only lines but also faces. Any chance you tried to export it as a 3D dwg ?

your file is big, didn’t find a section, nor scenes, and your tags (layers) are… well I’m pretty sure they are a mix of imports and 3d warehouse.

but yeah, 11 million edges is a lot, no wonder your pc is struggling to export it as a dwg.

You can try exporting it from LayOut, or why not, try to work from layout, I left AutoCad a few years ago, now I just use Layout for documentation.