Can anyone help a newbie?

Student, fairly new to Sketchup and having a hard time exporting a 2D elevation section to DWG. How long is reasonable to wait for the export? I’m going on 2 hours now and showing ‘not responding’ after 1.5 hours. I have read that for large files it can take a long time but I don’t think my file would be considered particularly large. I have cancelled and retried several times all with the same issue. I did purge my file before exporting and am exporting hidden lines only. Hoping someone has some ideas and I apologize in advance i’m not super tech savvy.

Are you exporting from LayOut? It should only take a few seconds.

Not that i’m aware of? I have been following the steps given to me by my instructor. I just opened a smaller file and was able to export it in a few seconds following the same steps with no problem?