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Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well.

Ive been trying to export my file as a 2D autocad file but every time I do it crashes and says not responding. The file is a very large file and I was wondering how I could reduce it and also get DWG file from this without it crashing again for hours. I will be able to provide you with the file.

Thank you!


Uploading: Sanctuary.skp…

Crashing and “Not Responding” are two different things. If you are getting the message that SketchUp is Not repsonding, it means SketchUp is working at doing whatever task you set it to do. In your case you might just wait longer. Very likely you could clean up your model and see some improvement. Try running CleanUp3 (from the Extension Warehouse) and see if that helps your model.

I understand :slight_smile: do you reckon it would be more beneficial to explode all components and groups?

No. Exploding them probably won’t help.

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A 2D export only exports a set of lines, so you get the same result whether the model has components and groups or not. But if you have a complex structure of nested components, yes, exploding might speed up the process as the model becomes simpler. As to the “not responding” message, you might just try letting it run. With a complex model, the export might take even hours to complete.

I remember having to wait 10-12 hours actually when the model was simpler, now that the model is much larger it might take longer as you have said, just trying out the CleanUp3 extension now as @DaveR has mentioned