Sketchup not responding when rendering to PDF or DWG

Hello, I have been using Sketchup no problem, but when exporting a PDF or DWG says “Not responding” I have waited more than 30 minutes and is still not responding.
Also when I insert the same view in layout and I am going to change the linescale to vector, happens the same, the program doesnt respond.
This issues have happened in two different models

Any help is very appreciated

Please upload the model to the forum so it can be examined to determine the cause

Agreed - need the model to see if there’s anythign wierd in there that might be causing it.

The first step is make sure you have saved the file to your PC/Mac drive, not a network location.

Are you system specs good enough? The spec in your profile is
INTEL UHD Graphics 620
This may cause some issues with more complex scenes. Is your computer powerful? 30 mins might just be how long it takes to export. Try waiting longer - at least that will tell you if the issue is complexity, or if it is a differnet problem.

Second - You may just have too many edges or faces.
Look out for anything such as complex geometry (furniture, people, cars, trees). Eliminate those and test again.

Finally, you need to “debug” to solve the problem in a methodical way:
My common approach to solving problems like this is to try to render half the model.
If it works, then you know the problem is in the other half.
Then take that part of the model, and render half of that again.
Repeat this process until you narrow down which part of the model has the “bug”.

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