Exporting 2D DWG model - SketchUp not responding


I’am trying to export my sketchup model in 2D graphics (tried PDF, DWG…) but it systematically crash Sketchup… there is nothing to do. I tried to export in 3D and it worked, but I can’t use the 3D drawing it’s too messy. Is someone has a solution please?

I really need to export this file in 2D. I tried with my laptop Mac and Pc, both crash.

How can I make the drawing less heavy? actually it’s 36 MO.

Thank you so much!


Upload it to Drop Box and share the link so we can see your .skp file and give you some guidance. Otherwise we can only guess. Before you upload it, try purging unused under Model Info>Statistics.

What is it you actually want? Are you trying to get a 2D vector file?

Thank you for your answer. Can I send you the link in a private message? A bit weird to post it on a public forum. Thank’s!

You can send the link to drop box in a private message.

I’ve only looked at the first file, but I can export it to PDF and PNG, which is all I’ve tried so far.

I don’t see where is the option to send you a private message. Can you send one first please?

What about DWG? From a PDF, I can convert to DWG with illustrator for example right?

I tried exporting as DXF. It’s been running for 10 minutes and I’m about to force quit it. It hasn’t crashed but I’m not convinced it’s going to work. This was in SketchUp 2020.
The PDF that worked was acutally done by printing to PDF which came out as quite a low res bitmap image. Trying from the Export menu is taking a long time too.

How many faces and edges (Window menu>Model Info>Statistics, check “Show nested components”)?
Is the model very far (like more than a kilometer) from the model origin?

7.2 Million Edges, 4.5 Million faces, 4,117 Component Instances. Purge didn’t remove anything. It’s close to the origin, about 25m away for a 40m x 20m building.

Non-vector PDFs and PNGs are all I could get out of it without leaving it running more than 10 minutes which is where I gave up, sorry. Selecting vector in print to PDF causes a big delay as does trying to export as PDF, DXF, DWG.

I still didn’t get any crashes in SketchUp 2020 and 2019.

I’ve still only looked at 1 of the 4 files.

So we obviously all have the same problem… Any idea of the issue?

Actually my sketchup never crashed, but it says ‘‘no responding’’ and it never stop so I have to force to close it.

That’s much different than the title of your thread indicates.

“Not responding” indicates that Sketchup is working. There’s a lot of geometry in your model. Give it more time to complete. Or break the model up into smaller, more manageable files and export each of those to combine in AutoCAD or whatever application you’re using them in.

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Sorry English is not my native language. I finally understood that crashing means that the app close.

I left during the entire night and it was still not responding.

I will try to make it smaller, thank you.

Edited topic title for you.

A model as big as that can take hours to export.

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