Trying to export to DWG or DXF, and only getting the spinning wheel of death

I’m trying to get this exported to hand off to the engineer, but am having no luck. I don’t have too many edges, Could anyone tell me where I’m going wrong with this??

I’m assuming you are wanting to send your engineer the 3D model and not drawing plans?

I tried exporting to DWG from Sketchup but after 5 minutes of waiting I closed it down. It may have worked if I left it (way) longer but I’m too impatient for that.

I did get it to export, but only by purging, removing some of the hidden geometry, such as the driveway, contour, etc. I also deleted all the scenes and the Section planes.

The file you shared has a tilde (~) at the end of the filename indicating it is the backup copy. Is that the file you are working with or did you share the wrong one?

I purged unused stuff from your model–there’s a lot of it.
Screenshot - 7_3_2024 , 8_35_44 AM
I deleted the object ground group and then I used Zoom Extents and created a new scene with the same elevation that you used for Elevation 01 - Foreground. After that a 2D .dxf exported within a few seconds. A 3D export takes longer but there’s a lot more to export.

Thanks cappo and Dave.
That is the correct file Dave…at some point I renamed it but then the linked Layout file wasn’t going to the renamed file. It was awhile ago, and I don’t recall exactly, but I think I went with the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ level of curiosity at that point.
I did purge unused though SU’s model info/stats box, but apparently that hardly did anything. You told me once before Dave, but please remind me, are you using the CleanUp extension? And how do I keep from accumulating all of that stuff you purged? Is the file that you cleaned up stthe one accessible by me at the dropbox link I shared?
Thanks for your time and response, much appreciated! Tracy

Does that mean you have linked the LO file to the backup file (with the ~ in the name)?

I used TIG’s Purge All because it gives the report to show in my reply. Statistics>Purge All ought to do the same.

It depends on what all the stuff is. If you are bringing in stuf from the 3D Warehouse to try out and then deleting it, those components and their materials would remain in-model until you purge them. It’s a bit like bring home furniture from the furniture store to try out and if you don’t like it, stuffing it in the attic instead of returning it to the store.

If you are making components and later exploding them, the components would still remain and any materials you might try but reject would also remain. And so do all those styles you played with.

No. I didn’t upload it to DropBox but it’s less than 3 Mb now so I can share it directly.
Kopanou_option 2C APPROVED dr.skp (2.7 MB)

By the way, I did run CleanUp just now and it removed this.
Screenshot - 7_3_2024 , 12_22_37 PM
That’s nearly 800,000 edges that wouldn’t need to be exported in a 3D .dxf or .dwg.
Kopanou_option 2C APPROVED dr cleaned.skp (2.6 MB)

Yes…not sure how I got to that point. :woman_facepalming: I did try saving it not as a backup and relinking, and I don’t remember what happened next, so I’ve just been sticking with that exact file.

Thanks for your help, Dave, it’s so appreciated!

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How much time should I expect a file of this size to take when trying to export as .dwg?

I’m not sure. It will still take some time. Is there anything else you can remove from the file?

Do you need to send a 3D file or would 2D exports from LayOut work instead?

It worked right away exporting as .dxf, but stalled out when i first tried to export to .dwg.
Using 2D from Layout would also work, but my Layout elevations are messed up right now, so I was hoping to go this route.

How are the elevations messed up in LayOut. Maybe they should be fixed anyway?