Exporting as 3D DWG - Crashing


My model has been continuously been crashing whenever I attempt to export as a 3D dwg/dxf.

I’ve tried purging, exploding, deleting components but nothing has seemed to work so far.

Windows 10, trial PRO

Link to file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzdxgqycblqvsfn/WDAWwda.skp?dl=0

Any help much appreciated! Also, my first project on sketchup so be nice :slight_smile:

why do you want to export it?

Is it actually crashing (giving a bugsplat), or just freezing?

It’s a very big file (almost 300MB) and the export process, as I understand it, isn’t quick.

Try leaving it overnight.

Wow! 300 Mb? I bet you could reduce the file size considerably if you run Purge Unused from Window>Model Info>Statistics. Then be patient. As John says, a huge file will take time to export.

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