Cannot export to DXF or DWG

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone can help with an export problem. I have run a clean up of the model, as well as run the default layer geometry extension, but sketchup still goes into unresponsive mode when I try to export the file to DXF or DWG. I just see the “Exporter Progress” window and the status remains as starting…
Not sure if it because of the size of the file at 58.8MB?
We need to export it for our engineer to be able to use the file.
Any help is appreciated.

The file size itself does not really relevant.
More relevant:

What the Model Info>>Statistics reporting about the count of edges and faces…etc. ?

Are you exporting 2D Graphic to dfx/dwg? That takes usually much more time then exporting 3D model; you need some patience … go get a coffee, lunch or a even sometimes a night sleep.

Are you still using SU2021 as stated in your forum profile? Where did you get it from?

You can also share the model (or a link to the model in cloud service e.g.: OneDrive, WeTransfer, Google Drive) )and someone may have an other advises.

Thank you Dezmo,

I am using version 23.1.341. I’ll update my profile to reflect that.
I am trying to export a 3D model to DXF or DWG. I just see that Sketchup is showing “not responding” when I look at my activity monitor. If I just need to wait, no worries. Just wasn’t sure if the “not responsive” in the activity monitor meant it was frozen/crashing?
I haven’t had to export a file before, so I am also not aware of what to expect for this to process.
Here are the model info stats:

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.33.49 AM

The model is quite large and it can take quite long to process. I would let it run for some hours or overnight. You can also do a test with a very simple model, say one rectangle, to see if there is something wrong with your setup.
Did you install SketchUp correctly, by opening the downloaded DMG and dragging the SketchUp folder to the shortcut to the Application folder?

Thank you Anssi,

I tried a smaller file and it processed the export right away without issue. So I just need to exercise patience being that it’s such a large file.
Appreciate your input.

I left the export to process over night and it still did not go past “starting” in the Export progress window. Sketchup remains unresponsive and I have to force quit Sketchup to cancel the operation.
I’ve reached out to technical support. but have not received a response yet.

Perhaps your model couple be simplified before starting the export.