Trying to export Sketchup to AutoCAD, but its keeps crashing


Ive been trying to export sketches to Autocad for the past few days, and its was exporting for over 24hrs, and was still unsuccessful, and crashed a few times. I exported as a 2d model (With a section cut), and have also tried to export as a 3d model, but when i did this it automatically cut.

Any help of guidance would be greatly appreciated!


I have tried both, but doesn’t work for either

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How big (file size, extents, edge/face count…) is the model you are trying to export? If you start a new file with, say, only a single cube in it, will that export? Can you post a SketchUp model that fails to export for you? Are you running the latest maintenance release to SketchUp 2021?

the file is 92mb . I can export a basic cube, but struggle with the model. Im not sure what the latest maintenance release was.

The file is too big to attach so i have shared a link.

Thank you so much for your help

Your Google Drive link is private.

just changed it! thanks

The model has almost 24 million edges. A lot of components with only 1 instance. A lot of overmodelling (does a cityscape model have to have glass fixings?). It might be that your computer just runs out of resources.
Was this entirely exported from Archicad? Have you the possibility of exporting the DWG from there?

The latest SketchUp maintenance release was released just weeks ago. 21.1.299 (21.1.298 Mac). I seem to remember that the quite first version of 2021 had DWG problems on the Mac.