Sketchup not exporting

Anyone have a issue for exporting to DWG. Sketchup isn’t creating the file when I export.
need helppp . thx!
חתך.skp (12.1 MB)

Please do not put nonsense in your profile information. What you should have put there is just what anyone whould need to help you.

My guess is that you are using a Mac, and that SketchUp is not properly installed.

As @Anssi indicates, the nonsense answers in your profile make it difficult for us to help you. Please correct your profile with the operating system and graphics card in your computer.

I presume you are interested in the 2D plan views? I copied them to a new file, cleaned up those awful chairs to soften edges that aren’t needed and then exported the file. It took awhile but it did make the export. It’s still more than 43 Mb. As a check I imported the resulting .dwg file into LayOut and got this: