Exporting to DWG from MacBookPro

Hi there,
I switched to a Mac BookPro about 3 months ago and ever since I’ve got some serious problems with Sketchup and Layout.
Every time I export to 2D in DWG file the outcome is a much heavier file than the original sketchup one and it doesn’t work on any DWG viewer.
I tried sending the file to a Windows laptop and export from there and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…
Any ideas?suggestions? recommendations? or just sell the MAC ?
I must say that other than the problems with the default side menu some of the extensions don’t work properly on MAC…
Please help

Can you post an example SKP model and a DWG you have exported from it?
If you have a lot of arcs etc. in your model the resulting DWG will have a lot of very small lines. The 2D DWG is a representation of your SketchUp screen, with everything converted to line segments.

File sizes are too big to be uploaded here…

I have Mac and pc, sketchup works better on Mac than on pc, I’ve been having problems exporting from layout to dwg in the 2023 version but on the 2022 it works fine, from sketchup I haven’t had any issue, can you upload the skp model to check if there’s any problem with it. Do you have an intel or an apple silicon Mac, if you want the plug-ins to work properly you must download them either from the extension warehouse, sketchucation plugin store or from any website where this are available, if you are just copying or installing the plug-ins from a folder you had from previous versions, they won’t be updated to work properly on the latest version.

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Calma-Nitzanim-DWG.skp (12.8 MB)
Thanks for the detailed reply, I have a Apple M1 Max, I download from the places you mentioned.
How do u find it better in the sense of functionality? not having the default windows on the right and limited toolbar at the top?

I had no problem exporting a 2D DWG from my PC. The result is bigger than the original thanks to the large number of edges and the fact that a SketchUp file is probably more compressed than DWG.

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You can have as many toolbars as you want wherever you want. See this screen capture.

As @jean_lemire_1 said you can have as many toolbars as you want, but I prefer to have a clean set up and I have the toolbar editor so I have groups of tools that I activate when I’m doing an specific kind of modeling, for example organic modeling, architecture modeling, landscape modeling etc. I also have assigned a lot of shortcuts which I’ve memorized with the years and I rarely use to click on a tool to activate, I just use the shortcut and my most used shortcuts I’ve assigned to the extra buttons and gestures that my mouse can store, when I’m modeling I’m frequently asked how do I do it without even typing on the keyboard, but that’s my workflow that I’ve developed over the years, if you need to have all your tools visible all the time you just have to align them on your screen space. I also realized that the dwg is heavier than the skp file, I’m not sure why is it, maybe the skp file can be compressed more. You can also export just a section cut, and then put them together on any cad software.