Can't get my sketchup model to export as a dwg 2d graphic

I can’t seem to get my file to export as a 2d graphic dwg, could anyone point me in the direction of the issue or give any tips?

There is no “Free plan” as indicated in your profile. DWG export is part of paid versions of SketchUp. In SketchUp Pro, it is found in File>Export>2D Image where you can select DWG as the file type.

Apologies for the confusion, I’m using a paid version on a student plan, however, SketchUp is not able to export the file for me as a DWG. The application stops responding after a while.

How big is the drawing/model?

If the model is large (millions of edges and faces, see the Model Info>Statistics window with the Show nested components box checked) the export can take a long time, hours or overnight.

Thank you, it does have a lot of edges and faces, I will leave it to export for a couple of hours