Sketchup crashes when I try to export to dwg or dxf

Trying to export my 3D model to a .dwg or .dxf file and sketchup crashes. I’ve never had this before, I export files from sketchup to .dwg all the time.

How big is the SketchUp file? If you share the file so we can see what you are working with it would be easier for us to help you.

exec storage.skp (1.7 MB)

I uploaded the file, can you take a look at it?

There’s a lot of reversed faces and bad geometry. Incorrect tag usage and quite a bit of unused stuff. There should be no exposed blue back faces.

Screenshot - 5_18_2023 , 9_48_36 AM
Lots of loose geometry, too.

Screenshot - 5_18_2023 , 9_50_12 AM

Screenshot - 5_18_2023 , 9_50_26 AM

What do you need out of this model for a .dxf or .dwg? 2D? 3D? Is this something you modeled from scratch? What information do you need out of it? The dimensions of this thing are strange.

No crashes here:
exec storage.dwg (247.5 KB)
exec storage.dxf (695.8 KB)
How do these look?

How do I fix all that stuff? I imported part of it from a mfg’s website and the rest I modeled. I need it as a 3D model, want to be able to render it in 2020 visual impressions

they’re not 3D. I need a 3D model

From what I see in the model I would start over from scratch and model it correctly for rendering. Since it’s just for pretty pictures there are a lot of features that could be ommitted like all those details underneath that won’t be seen. What parts did you add?

What are the actual dimensions supposed to be?

Here’s a 3D .dxf export. It didn’t crash for me either. i’d guess your hardware is not up to snuff for what you want it to do. Note this is not cleaned up.
exec (2.4 MB)

My mistake.
When I tried it that way, it exported without crashing, but I also got an error message.
Here’s the result:
exec (2.6 MB)

Ye, maybe I should try to model it from scratch. Thanks for your help

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Did you look at the .dxf file I uploaded? Did it work at all?

I think you’ll wind up with a better product for your application if you model it cleanly and leave out the unneeded stuff.

lemme try now

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This .dxf that you sent me is loading into giza 2020 but it’s a veerryy heavy model… too hard to work with.

Just to keep you posted. I modeled it from scratch and used it for this rendering


Much nicer looking.