My export to DWG from Layout doesn't work and crashes my Layout

When I go to export my Layout file to a DWG/DXF file so I can share with consultants, the export does not work, my Layout crashes and closes and I get a Bug Splat notice that says:

“Bug Splat
Crash Report #21875
Sorry you just crashed!
We have determined this to be related to rotating within the Sketchup model view or anything causing a re-render of the SketchUp model view (for example printing) and we are working on a fix
Sorry for the inconvenience”

Any ideas on how to remedy this issue…? (thank you)

I’ve got the same issue.

Same issue here, very frustrating!

What version of SketchUp/LayOut? Please complete your profile.

Sketchup and Layout 2021. I use a Macbook Pro, if that makes any difference. I will update my profile.

Thank You Sincerely in advance for your help!

Can you share the LO file that gives you problems?

Thanks for updating your profile. That information is useful when you ask for help.

Hi Dave, I am having the same problem again. Thought is was fixed but now crashing again. Tried to upload .layout file to this email and got error message twice:

The layout file is 153 MB, maybe that is the problem, I could send via wetransfer or another way.

Uh, yeah. That’s more than 10 times the file size limit. Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version and Mac OS version.

Hi Dave, My OS V is 11.1 (Big Sur), my Sketchup and Layout V’s are Sketchup Pro 2021 and Layout 2021. The link to my file is:

Please add that info.
Screenshot - 1_18_2021 , 3_16_09 PM

I’ll look at your file as soon as I can.

I wonder if part of the problem is due to the PDFs you have imported. They won’t show at all on the PC so I can’t test that. I’m not even going to try going into the SketchUp models to see if they might have some issues to fix because for the majority of the viewports you’ve used the Last saved SketchUp view instead of creating appropriate scenes. Any changes to the SketchUp file with screw up the viewports when the reference is updated. Maybe @colin would look at your file. Since he’s using Mac at least he would be able to see the PDFs.

There is a problem we are checking into, where LayOut can crash while exporting to DWG.

In the options is one that is Export for SketchUp. If you are sending this to someone who doesn’t have SketchUp, or if you don’t have that intentionally checked for some other reason, uncheck that box and the export will succeed.

Hi Colin,

I was able to export after I unchecked the “export to sketchup box”, which was great, unfortunately it appears that it exports the geometry and views but not in page order/format. I do appreciate your help!

The problem is something to do with exporting certain pages together. A work around, that is time consuming and not ideal, is to work out what are the safe page ranges to export. For your file I had to export pages 1-6, 7-8, 9 on its own, and 10-11.

Not sure if the forum will take a 15 MB file. Will know in a moment. (14.8 MB)

Thank you very much Colin. We had a phone conversation a couple months ago. You and Dave are very helpful! I know this is probably something simple but Dave asked me to update my profile (OS, Sketchup Version etc. I cannot find out how to edit my profile…any ideas?) Thanks to you and Dave both again!

This link will take you to the right page. Fill in anything that is blank, if you can, and also give more details. For example, macOS 11.1 instead of ‘mac’.

Eric’s Profile page