My export to DWG from Layout doesn't work and crashes my Layout

When I go to export my Layout file to a DWG/DXF file so I can share with consultants, the export does not work, my Layout crashes and closes and I get a Bug Splat notice that says:

“Bug Splat
Crash Report #21875
Sorry you just crashed!
We have determined this to be related to rotating within the Sketchup model view or anything causing a re-render of the SketchUp model view (for example printing) and we are working on a fix
Sorry for the inconvenience”

Any ideas on how to remedy this issue…? (thank you)

I’ve got the same issue.

Same issue here, very frustrating!

What version of SketchUp/LayOut? Please complete your profile.

Sketchup and Layout 2021. I use a Macbook Pro, if that makes any difference. I will update my profile.

Thank You Sincerely in advance for your help!

Can you share the LO file that gives you problems?

Thanks for updating your profile. That information is useful when you ask for help.