Export to DWG causing Layout to crash

I have a problem with a Layout file that I am trying to export to DWG.

Through a process of elimination, I have worked out that it is the plan section views of the Sketchup model file that are causing the problem (when I copy the references to a new Layout document it also crashes when exported).

It seems that only the plan section views are problematic as the roof plan, side elevations and transverse sections all export fine.

The files are displayed as vectors in all viewports and, interestingly, if I try to export a 2D file of the plan section view direct from Sketchup it only exports a couple of lines.

I have tried changing the style, switching off tags and the only thing that seems to affect the export is if vector display is changed to raster (hybrid also crashes). What I can’t understand is why the transverse sections export ok but not the plan sections…

This is driving me nuts as export to DWG has been pretty stable in the past so not really sure what could be causing the problem.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Files are too large to upload but here is a link: Dropbox Link

a3plan.dwg (253.5 KB)

Thanks @mihai.s for the rapid reply but I wonder if you are using a PC? If so, could the issue be a MacOS one? I have triple checked and the file is still crashing when exporting to DWG…

You’re welcome!
Yes, I use Windows 10 on a PC, and it took 2 seconds to export the .DWG file, which I attached in the previous message.

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