Layout 2019 dwg export crashes

I’m having an issue I hope you can help solve…

My typical workflow to share files with my structural engineer:

  1. From Layout, change my viewport rendering to vector for the drawings I would like to share. Typically, building elevations, floor plans, roof plan.
  2. Export from Layout to DWG, only those pages.
  3. Done.

I’ve been doing this method for over a decade.

This afternoon, I can get this to work per usual on the floor plan and roof plan pages, BUT every time I try to do the elevation pages, the first attempt says: “EXPORT FAILED (1)” The second attempt crashes layout and BugSplat!
Typically with Bug Splats I can tease the program to work by some sort of voodoo…copy/rename the file, reopen and try again OR change the viewport vector settings and then change back and try again OR turn off shadows and try again OR… BUT, with this file this afternoon, nothing is working.

Can someone provide help with this? I am running SU and Layout Pro 2019.
I’ve attached the layout file.
I just want to export page 2 to .dwg with the two viewports rendered vector.

As an aside note:
One of my attempted voodoo tricks for this issue was to open the layout file on a different machine, my 2 year old Microsoft Surface laptop, and try it from there. BUT, when trying to change the viewport rendering to vector, the spinning wheel of death has been spinning for over 30 minutes, Layout is stuck. On a not very large or graphically intense file size.

recovered OHW_4plex_4070 NE Prescott_CD_3.10.22.layout (12.7 MB)

Failed for me too, second try with the “Export for SketchUp” setting: bugsplat, Crash #1147

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Yo, I am not very good in English, but I have problems with export in pdf earlier, and I make voodoo:
Export page 1
Export page 2
And when I have issue, that’s page I need to remake…
So I delete this page and make it second time, and that voodoo method help me to export this page.

Thanks Nikita. Not sure why, but that seems to have worked. Thanks for the suggestion!

@mattd :v:
I test a lot of times that issue,
I have some ideas about that.
First, what you need to do, make copy of page, then try to remake SketchUp model zone.
And I have a lot of voodoo with LO for 6 years, and that’s the most biggest technical bug in a LO,
I really waited when LO will be open to some plug-ins and macros.
Because in 2022, LO looking, like not ready to be really best drawing soft.

I am a big fun of CorelDraw.
Yes it is hard.
In LO we need to make very cool library and skill to make report in SketchUp.
And we don’t have professional service for that. Like 3D warehouse.

So 2D warehouse will help to make SketchUp better for engineering.
I study in mathematical school then, in Russian Government Building University.
We study Fortran and compass.

Layout can make 2D better. I can pay money for nice template and scrapbooks. But I don’t have place for that.

Now I use RFA library for 3D and 2D.
Second ready to use method, that’s use plugin, which make .dxf export from SketchUp with correct curve.

That’s cool thing to work with CNC Route. Vector graphics.