LayOut collapsing when exporting to dwg



I have a problem with exporting my Layout documents to dwg. I use Sketchup Pro 2017. In the beginning it was working. But after some time it stopped. Now when I want to export a document Layout window goes blank and collapses. It’s like it every time. It is really problematic. What can I do about it?


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Had similar problem when exporting large number of drawings containing a lot of info. I found that exporting fewer drawings at a time solved my problem. Obviously a bit of a pain when you do have a large batch to do.

Good luck


Hello Natalia… Did you get the export to .dwg figured out?.. I too am having trouble exporting to .dwg


Hi. It does not matter if file is big or small. Even one page is not exporting. I still have no solution for that, so if anybody knows what’s wrong please help :wink:


Are you sure that you are using the latest maintenance release of Sketchup Pro 2017? this might have been fixed.


YES, I am sure I used newest release of 2017. I tried everything and it still is not working properly


Hi natalia1, is LayOut crashing or is a dialog being minimized?


Hello Trent- entire LayOut is crashing


It is interesting that you were able to export before and now are running into crashes. I am looking into this now, do you get a BugSplats with the crash?


I know it is strange. I am not getting any bug splats


Hi natalia1, I have not been able to get my machine/s in a state where I crash with any export. I am grasping a bit on this one but could you try launching LayOut a certain way?

In Windows explorer, navigate to c:\users…\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017 and rename the LayOut folder LayOut 2.

Relaunch LayOut and export, see if you get the crash.

If you do and you want to get your previous settings, navigate back to folder above and delete the new LayOut folder then rename your LayOut 2 folder back to just LayOut.


I uninstalled Sketchup and installed it again. Fro now Layout works fine when exporting. Thank you for help


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