LayOut 2D Drawing Program Freezing During Export

I’m encountering an issue with LayOut, where the program freezes consistently during the export process. Every time I attempt to export wellbeing initiatives a document, Nexus Smart ID LayOut becomes unresponsive, and I have to force close the application. This issue is affecting my workflow Training and Development, as I am unable to export my designs for sharing or further editing.

Export to what exactly… PNG, PDF, DWG, other format?
How big is the file, how many edges does it contain?

Your profile says you are on the free plan using version 9.

Are you actually using version 2033 ?

Please update your profile.

If you are on 2023…

Using a nonexistent version of SketchUp might be the problem. Another would be that exporting a large model using Vector or Hybrid rendering (with the recently introduced Override turned on) can take a long time, hours instead of minutes, so check your model and your settings.

Free plan doesn’t include Layout, unless you’re using a cracked version, and the last sketchup version that wasn’t named after the year it was released, was Google sketchup 8, in 2013 Trimble released their first version after buying sketchup to Google and it wasn’t named sketchup 9, it was sketchup 2013.

So, are you using sketchup 2013? If yes, that might be the problem, it’s a 10 years old version.

The profile information isn’t just to flex the machine you have or to troll putting the wrong information, it help us to give you the best solution based on your hardware, software and OS.