LayOut crashing when exporting

LayOut 2023 crashes every time I try to export a file to dwg. Has anyone had this issue on Mac or windows?
@colin @DaveR am I the only one having this problem? It happens every time I want to export the file but without exporting it as an sketchup entity, so the pages can be visualized on AutoCADs layout and the drawings on model.

Probably best to share your model.

It happens with all the models, I also thought it was an specific problem related with the file, but it crashes even when I create a new file make some shapes on it and try to export it.

I haven’t had any crashes with LO2023 at all.

At what point does it crash? Right when you click the command? Once it starts out putting?

It crashes after I’ve set the export file up, once I click export it crashes, I’m gonna try to uninstall and re install, cause I’m this is not happening on layout 2022.

Have you tried exporting to different locations? Is there a possibility that you do not have rights to write to the location you are trying to use? Is the location a local drive?

It’s fixed now, I don’t really know what was the problem but I uninstalled and reinstalled and everything works fine.