Dwg export crash

I’m trying to export to a .dwg from layout 2018. Layout crashes every time, I’ve tried combinations of disabling option but no difference - any chance there is a magic formula? :0)
Its not a very complicated drawing but I really need to get a .dwg out for a client.

I’m on a Mac, High Sierra


Hi Rob sorry you are having the issue with exporting to dwg. Would you be able to share the file? I might be able to see what is going on.

Thanks, you can email directly trent@sketchup.com


HI Trent

Thanks for your reply, I seem to have resolved it now.

The dwg export didn’t like it because I had drawing entities outside of the document bounds.
I deleted all that and it then exported fine thanks (apart from the known text block bug, which I sorted out manually)

Thanks for yo r response


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