SketchUp crashes during DWG export (title translated)

Hello everybody,
I have a very annoying problem. When I try to export my SketchUp file to DWG, the export progress bar spins endlessly, until it crashes the software. Here is what I was able to diagnose, without finding a solution to the problem:

  • My computer: MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB, up-to-date macOS, very functional and no slowdowns during very large projects.
  • My version of SketchUp: 2024 for Mac, but the problem was the same with version 2023 for Mac still (the problem also persists on my Windows PC)
  • The problem persists even after purging unused elements, even after running the CleanUp extension
  • The problem persists both when exporting in DWG and in DXF, regardless of the version of AutoCAD selected in the “Options” panel during export.
  • I noticed that the problem only appears when there are imports from the 3D Warehouse, only they are essential to my project, I can’t do without them… They have no problem being imported directly in my model.

Here is the link to my file : Maquette.skp - Google Drive

So, do you have a miracle solution?
Thank you for your answers !

PS: I’m French, sorry if there are spelling mistakes…

6 million edges
Search for low-poly components or create suitable ones yourself

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or, 3rd option, considering that you want to export a 2d dwg, hide them and draw them as 2d symbols in autocad. a net is basically a grid, and trees are pretty common 2d symbols.

(don’t get me wrong, replacing them would be better on the long run, but sometimes, quick and dirty does it)

ou alors, au lieu de les remplacer par des modèles plus simples ou de les refaire en 3d (plus simples aussi), tu peux les masquer et exporter ton dwg sans. Et ensuite les rajouter en 2d. c’est un filet (donc en 2d, une grille) et des arbres (symboles assez codifiés)

(dans l’idéal, les remplacer serait mieux sur la durée, mais parfois un truc rapide et sale fait le job aussi)

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In fact I hadn’t seen this surprising number… it works by removing objects that have too many elements. Thank you for your prompt response !

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Having same problem. Exports fine in 2023 but not 2024. I have 308k edges, 131k faces. I clean my models religiously with Cleanup from Thom Thom.