Bug Splat when export to dwg

Trying to export this file to dwg, but getting a Bug Splat. Can anyone see what is wrong with it? Thank you very much friends. I am very new to Sketchup.

Your model has 1.2 million edges, try to export without the cars, only the building

And if you also really need the cars, export just one and then multiply it after you import it.

Same thing

Purge your model and try again.
Window/Model Info/Statistics/ Purge unused.

I exported the new file to DWG as a 3D model, it took 3 minutes to convert and created a file of 343 MB

After Purge unused, I got this. So something happend :slight_smile:

BilbutikkDWG.dwg.zip (4.2 MB)

Went to the web version, there I got it done.
Then downloaded the dwg file, but it’s not that big. Can you open this and does it look right to you?

Now I purged your file and exported it again. It took 10 seconds and created a dwg file of 12.5 MB.
I also tested with SketchUp for Web and it created my 5 MB DWG file.

And I also discovered why there is this difference between DWG files. The first time I saved as an Autocad 14 file and it created that 12 MB file, and then I saved as an Autocad 2007 file and it saved a 4 MB file.

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You guys are geniuses :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your help. Attaching a dwg file I have generated, does it work ok?
BKByggning.dwg (5.2 MB)

Next time if you can and have AutoCAD, try using the SKP file importer for AutoCAD. In AutoCAD 2023 I was able to import your full SU file in AutoCAD in less than 20 secs.

Here’s the dwg file as well
SU 2 Acad.dwg (4.3 MB)

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