Sketchup hangs when exporting to DWG

I am having a very difficult time exporting a particular file to dwg.
We usually do this for all our jobs and have never had this happen.
We have spent several hours troubleshooting the file to see if we could pinpoint the problem but have not been able to find the culprit.

I am happy to upload the file so an expert can take a look. Thank you!

Go ahead and upload the file so we can see what you are working with. Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile? If not please also update your profile with the correct info.

Thank you. I have updated my profile. We are using 2022.
I am sending you a Dropbox Transfer link as the file is too large to upload here.

There’s a lot of geometry to process in that model so it would take a while. It looks like you are after a 2D export. In that case you might find it faster to go through LayOut. Render the viewport as Vector first. That will still take some time but should be faster than exporting the .dwg from SketchUp because it should only deal with visible geometry.

okay thank you.
This model originally came from ArchiCAD and we have been modifying the architecture.
I replaced most of the windows and doors with FlexTools components and then we split the building in half and made it into a component so I only have to model half a building. That file is actually a bit smaller than this one. We stripped the model of all the DC components thinking that was the culprit.

I tried your model, and soon got an unknown error message. Then I exploded the top layer, and exported again. Took 2 1/2 hours to export, but I did get this 12 MB file.

Thanks Colin!
That is what we are looking for. I guess we just figured that Sketchup had timed out. We would just give up on the process after about 20-30 minutes. I had no idea it would take 2.5 hours to get the result.
Is there a difference in how we are creating this specific model that is affecting the process of exporting?
I have created several 2d dwg files in my lifetime from SketchUp and it has never taken more than a few minutes. I have made 2d files from much more complex files and have not had any such trouble.
Is there something that we are doing wrong with this one?
I was not sure if maybe it had to do with the dynamic components and/or the procedural components we are using like on the railings (from profile builder).

There are approximately 4,400,000 edges in the model

About 3,200,000 edges are in Glass Railing groups

Off those, 2,420,000 edges are in the Post-Glass-Railing#2 groups
That’s 550 posts with circa 4400 edges each

What we see as a collection of nuts, bolts, and washers in Sketchup —

Turns into fifty individual elements in the DXF file.

You should be able to replace those Post-Glass-Railing#2 groups with something much simpler.

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Okay, that is helpful. I will get rid of all the fasteners/bolts and washers as well as the holes in the metal plates and that should help to solve that problem

So just to update this and finally called this solved we removed all the detailed fasteners/bolts and washers/spacers as well as the holes on the metal plates and it immediately solved the issue. We were able to export all elevations and sections without any problems and only took a couple of minutes for each.
Thank you all for your assistance.