SketchUp Pro 2022 would not respond or tkae to long to export my file to dwg

Can someone help me, my sketchup would not respond or take too long to export to a deg file. Have tried purging and fixing problem before exporting it and to no luck nothing works for me. Model info is uploaded.

Here is the link to my file in case anyone is open to helping me: (it would be very much appreciated as I need to finish this project asap)


Your model… 10 million edges… you have to be patient or learn to create it correctly.

If you want to learn how to use SketchUp correctly, in order to reduce such blockages, you will have to look to download low-poly models from 3D Warehouse, and not everything you find and like, or, even better, create them yourself this way.

Left - your model of a shirt with 50,000 entities, at right - same model, but low-poly with only 500 entities

Your model, with dozens of high-poly shirts

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I don’t see the point exporting these shirts to dwg. you should put them on a hidden layer before exporting, or export to PDF instead if you want a vectorial export.
I’m pretty sure you can find 2D dwg blocks for shirts online, and it then wouldn’t take long to place them in the exported dwg (you could also draw them yourself)

If you’re exporting to 3d dwg, what is it for ?