Export to dwg no responding

im trying to export a file to dwg but it seems like it doesnt succeed , i let it run for few hours still without completion
i read different thread about this issue and i tried doing purge and removing unneeded items reducing file size from 600M to 240M but still it didnt help , any other suggestions?

attaching the link reduced file:

5 million edges - it will take time to export.

When you know you want to export to dwg, create your model as low-poly from the beginning.
Also, the plants and other objects that you import from the 3d Warehouse, look for low-ploy ones or even better, create them yourself. Or you could not export them with the rest of the model.

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thanks for your replay
i sent the same file to my friend and she was able to do the export in less than 10 min,
i understand that i can improve the file itself , but i have a question regarding the performance on this action , does this action utilize a dedicated GPU?

my computer has Core I9 CPU with 16G of cache but with onboard intel GPU, can it be the reason why it is not working well on my setup?

No. AFAIK Exporting to DWG is a CPU operation as it doesn’t involve raster operations like textures or shadows.