Sketchup failed to open document! Pls help

Today sketchup failed to open document! can someone help me
Thank you.


I expect Colin will take a look when he gets in to work but I wouldn’t hold my breath that he’ll get anything. I tried opening it and it failed. I then compressed it as a zip file. It compressed to about 0.1% of the .skp file size. A viable SketchUp 2023 file won’t compress much at all.

You didn’t put the operating system you are using in the Operating System field for your profile but if it’s Windows, check the .skb backup file and see if you can open that.

Where have you been saving your SkethUp model files? To a cloud location?

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Like Dave suggested, the entire file is filled with zeros.

Do you have an SKB backup file in the same folder?

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ohhh yes i have i’ll upload to drive

Maybe Colin will have luck with that. It didn’t poen for me but it also didn’t compress as much as your first file so that might be a good sign.

BTW, please correct your forum profile while you wait for Colin. “Architecture” is not an operating system.

Unfortunately, the middle and end of that file was also corrupt, I couldn’t recover anything.