Hi there,

I have a very frustrated student. Two days in a row we can not open his file.
“Failed to open”
There isn’t backup .skb file to try and recover.
I’ve tried importing it into a new file and also uploaded to 3D warehouse.
No luck.
If anyone can work their recovery magic he’d greatly appreciate it.
File–> wont open.skp - Google Drive
Screenshot 2022-05-25 101837

I couldn’t recover anything from the file. I’ve asked a developer to take a look.

Thanks Colin.
I feel terrible for the student.
Seems there’s always one problem out of 40 of them.

The developer was able to fix the file. One thing to point out to the student is that the model will perform a lot better with Edge Style/Profiles. That has nothing to do with why the file had problems.

Here is the fixed file:

Thank you so much Colin for getting this repaired…my student will be ecstatic!