'' Failed to open document ''

Ive had a Failed to Open Document problem. Im not a tech-savy person but i was wondering if i can save an old file I had. Since I have it saving every other minute. Help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Dorm building.skp (5.3 MB)

Where have you been saving the file to? There seem to be significant chunks missing from the file. Maybe @colin will be able to work his magic on it.

The file is corrupted in some way that stops me from recovering anything.

Do you have the .skb file, it’s a backup made by sketchup by default unless you deactivate it, it should be in the same folder where you saved the original file.
Anyways even if you have it you should start over as soon as possible in case your file is a lost cause.

tryna send my skb file. ill dropbox it?

I have the .skb file but im having trouble uploading it. :confused:

Use wetransfer

The skb file opens ok. Rename the file to something like Copy of Dorm building backup.skp, and it should open.