Sketchup File Failed to Open Document - Urgent!

Guys, i need some help. I saved my file last night, but this morning the file is not opening, it says “Failed to open document”. i dont know what to do and i really need the file to be opened as the deadline is this weekend. Please help me

sorry, wrong link. here’s the file:

@colin please if you can help me

I’m on a train to London, it has 2 mbps WiFi! Getting the file slowly now. I may not be able to do much with the file until I’m back in Colorado tonight.

I tried a few times on the train, didn’t succeed in getting the file. Will try again in a couple of hours, when I’m at the airport.

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is it the link? if so, let me share another link to the gdrive

The file mostly downloaded while I was on the train, but failed before the end. I have the file now, and it’s filled with zeros. Do you have the SKB file?

Yes i have the SKB file, here the SKB

Hi Colin, are you able to download the SKB file?

I tried the SKB, it’s in better condition than the SKP, but it appears to be missing the end of the file. I can’t recover anything from it.

@colin Hi Colin, I’m having the same issue. I saved my fail a few hours ago, but when I reopen it, it just can’t be open anymore. All my work is in there. Can you see if you can help me pls. Thank you so much!
Here is the link to the file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free