How to solve [Failed to open document]?


If anyone can help in my issue? when I open this file and the [failed to open document] appeared.
How to open the file?

Thanks in advance. quite urgent to work continuously

Anyone can help? :smiling_face_with_tear:

well, I can’t even open your .rar file.
Capture d’écran 2024-02-28 à 09.54.07

Sketchup files are already compressed, no need to compress it further to send it to us or anyone.

But my software can’t even extract something coherent, it doesn’t bode well for your file.
also…600mb file ? that sounds like a 3d warehouse bloated file. where you picked stuff that looks good up close without cleaning / removing / zooming out. problem might come from here, it’s far easier for data to get corrupt when saving a massive file than a small one.

when you download stuff, always consider what you will show. because in the end, you might have found some lovely elements, but they won’t be seen, or just in the background far away.

also, purge. purge your file every day. I’m gonna guess that not all of the 600+mb are actually in use in your final model. with big models it’s often the case

Thanks for reply and information. will apply it on work later.

how about this? can open?

Capture d’écran 2024-02-28 à 11.02.59

well no, because you didn’t give access to anyone with the link :slight_smile:

ahh sorry now is ok

I can’t open it either.

check your backup file. the skb that exists next to your sketchup project.

rename it as a .skp file and see if it opens.
if it doesn’t you might have to share it as well.

where was it stored, directly on your drive ? or locally on your computer THEN copied on your google drive ?

Looking at the code, I can see that you’re not using the latest sketchup, there is a 23.1 update that solves many bugs.
There is a chunk of weird data in the middle, but it’s not big. Maybe @colin could retrieve something ?

But (same as the other thread I’m monitoring), it’s 2.40 am in colorado, help is still sleeping :slight_smile:
my advice ? start right away, don’t waste time.

I’m also having the same issue. How do I fix it?

so, can’t open either, looking at the code, you also have an update to do (you’re running 23.0.367), 23.0 wasn’t the stablest.

however, I don’t see massive slices of 0 in the code. I can’t make sense of what I’m reading, but at least I’m reading something, not emptiness.

@colin can you recover anything from either file ? (backup and main looks the same to me)

Thank you for your assistance. I’ll try to update Sketchup to the most latest version.

Even with Sketchup’s most recent version, I’m having the same problem.

I’m also having the same issue. How do I fix it? failed to open document
Please need help… Thanks in advance…

Please do not double post. It is against the forum guidelines. Your file is heavily corrupted (a lot of zeros) and probably even @colin cannot recover it.

I also can’t recover the file. Next thing would be to check in the same folder to see if the same named file with an extension .skb is there. That’s the backup file, and it may not be as filled with zeros as the .skp is.

they have the same size also it says failed to open document sir

The SKB has nearly 80% of its data, but is missing enough to not be usable.

Do you have any other sort of backup system, where you could go back to a copy of the file from a few hours ago, or even yesterday?

Thank you for you effort sir. I cant find any back up. i decided to start over again…