HELP! Failed to Open Document


I was working on a drawing that I had been saving frequently when all of a sudden Sketchup crashed. Now, when I go to open my document, it says “failed to open document”. Can anyone help me?!

I was able to open the .skb file.

I note incorreect tag usage. Untagged should be left active at all times.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 12_23_32 PM
All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. I fixed that.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 12_24_05 PM

There appears to be a lot of unneeded stuff in the model.

I purged unused stuff. There is quite a lot of it.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 12_26_11 PM
This reduced file size by 61%.

I’ll upload the file and come back with a link. In the meantime, please correct your forum profile. You are not using SketchUp for Schools as you put in your profile. This is done in SketchUp Pro.

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Dave, you are my hero! Thank you so much. I will update my profile.

Thank you!

Hi There, i am on a same problem here, can’t open my document of hard working for nights and days. since it was a project so important for me. Please help me

Your profile says you are using the Free Plan of SketchUp. That would be the web based version. Have you checked Trimble Connect to see if theere is an earlier version of the file.

There’s no way to help you unless you share the file.

You can upload the file here if it’s up to 16mb, if its heavier I recommend you to use Wetransfer, is the easiest and fastest way to do it, a lot of people struggle with google drive and don’t know how to make their files public.

Hi Sketchup Community,

I have been working on a project and just yesterday was working on it as well. However, today morning, the file was unable to open, giving me a ‘Failed to open document’ error. Kindly requesting your help and expert advice on this. The file size is 352mb. I was developing using SketchUp 2023. The links to the file are as below:

Thank you so much in advance for helping.

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