Grouping Creates Face

  1. I made a selection
    12 AM

  2. The Group command created a face

  3. Other side

  4. And it deleted a part of a face without creating hidden geometry.

Hi Forestr.

No words, I sometimes wonder what next will be.

Please, can you tell us what the problem is and share a SkecthUP file with a example we can understand?

In my opinion In the picture seems there is a rotated group or component inside another one.

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Share file for better response(s) please.

No more screenshots with limited text but the file itself and additional information about the steps, and what you expected differently.

Before Group Command.skp (415.3 KB)
After Group Command.skp (479.3 KB)

I expected the group command to turn the face into a group without adding and deleting faces.

Do you want to three components (groups)?

No, I just wanted the top face to be a group to add watermelon seeds.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for:

mytry.skp (422.1 KB)

Anyway, components are a better choice than groups.

I ended up just copying the face, then deleting the original face. It worked great. I can work around the bug easily, but I figured I’d report the bug to help developers.


Ok, I understand what you mean, but it doesn’t look like a bug to me.

You refer to this as a fail.


But this is what happens really:


What is happening there is the same as here:


It’s filling the whole.

When you create a component or a group, the parts involved only belong to the group.

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For some reason SketchUp thinks the selected entities define interior loops (holes) in the faces. This means creating the group will heal the faces and create a cut opening group. Since a cut opening group/component only can cut one face at a time the other face appears faulty. The hidden corner of the face is a problem that sometimes occur when a cut opening group or component has its origin placed on the edge of the face it is cutting. I don’t know why this can happen but the workaround you’ve found yourself fixes the problem.

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spawn2k99: I would regard it a bug that a cut-opening group is created when the geometry doesn’t define an interior loop (hole) of the face but is included in the exterior loop.

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Ok, I was wrong, sorry.

I think I get it now… Thanks!

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You’re welcome Forestr.
May I know if you used follow me tool to draw that watermelon? it looks nice.

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Thank you! This is how I drew it.

  1. Circle

  2. Scale it

  3. Halve it

  4. Draw the path

  5. Offset the face

  6. Make your profile like this
    17 AM

  7. Follow me
    24 AM

  8. Intersect Faces
    24 AM

  9. Delete unwanted geometry

  10. Offset

  11. Connect the lines

  12. Color it red, white, and green

  13. Move-Copy face & delete old one

  14. Draw seed profile

  15. Copy & Rotate

  1. Delete extrusions

  2. Color & attach


Thank you so much for such a good detailed description of the process, I thought about intersecting a sphere using two rectangle faces that intersect to each other but this way you showed looks smarter :wink:

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I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you!

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