Sketchup 2020 help

I’ve used sketchup for years and when a new version comes out I don’t really go through the features just crack on…I’ve tried to move and copy a series of objects and sketchup is rotating them every time!!
I don’t want to rotate and assume its a toggle setting somewhere or is it a ‘new feature’ in 2020. I got round it this time by grouping, copying then moving etc. Once grouped, the group objects cut a hole in the plane it was on also which was not required. I know I dont use the software to its full potential, but I feel like a newbie all over again!

It sounds like you are talking about a component you’ve made in place on an ungrouped face. When you do that the component will automatically get gluing properties and if part of the component extends behind the face it’s drawn on, it will automatically get hole cutting, too.

This is not new in SU2020. You can either edit the component after creating it to remove those properties of you could avoid having those properties assigned right from the beginning by not creating the component on an ungrouped face. Either group the geometry that included the face before you model the object on it or model and create the component so it isn’t in contact any other ungrouped faces.

no, it wasn’t a component just a selection of lines and faces

lines (not grouped or made into component)-

That’s also normal behavior that’s been around for a long time.

Here it is in version 3.1.

rotated automatically with move control (copy)

yes, seen that before but not with a rotate function- I couldn’t even select the rotation I wanted, it just decided it for me. I had no control.
It could be because its on an angled face?

Share the .skp file where this happens. I can’t reproduce what you show in your screen shots using the Move tool.

So not wanting to embarrass myself in front of the sketchup master with my model, I thought I’d save the file and clean up any unnecessary objects (ie everything but this roof plane and the ‘rooflight’ I am trying to copy without rotating…and hey presto that problem does not replicate any more…why !?!

Is it because in the original file these objects are in a group, in a group etc in a component? When I copied the file they were just back to faces and lines, no groups, no components? And can if the answer is yes- can I untoggle the rotate thing!

I don’t know. Maybe you were just holding your tongue differently.

FYI I exploded the component, created a new one and made sure the ‘alignment, glue to none’ was selected and it still rotated these elements…


Do you see little red X’s on your object after you moved it? If you catch one of those, you’ve been put into a rotate mode. You need to avoid the evil X’s.

The little red +'s will only show up with objects (groups/components), not with ungrouped geometry as the OP shows.