Right Click Context Menu

As I add plug-ins, the list of Right-Click Context Menu Items available for an object grows enormously. I need to scroll up-down to access all available Context Menu items.

Is there a way to re-arrange more frequently used Context Menu Items or to Group them?

Thanks Box … didn’t spellcheck before posting!

Menus do not scale well with many features or extensions. They are also a trade-off between space efficiency (flat or nested) and usability efficiency (less clicks).
Like you, I prefer to hide/remove/uninstall everything that I don’t use so that I faster find what I use.

Unfortunately SketchUp does not have a menu customizer (but a toolbar customizer). Extensions directly register their menu items and the Ruby API does not have hooks (“before menu item added”) that would make it possible to create a Menu Editor extension.

The best you can do is:

  • Ask extension developers to group multiple menu items in a submenu.
  • Ask extension developers to make menu items conditional to the context (with a “validation proc”) so they show only when they are applicable. For example an extension that does something with textured faces only needs to show a menu item if the selection is a face and textured.
  • Frequently disable extensions when you don’t need them.
  • If an extension is open source (has readable source code) and you understand some Ruby, you could also edit them out.

Is there some kind of registry hack?

Why not just make a keyboard shortcut for Play it again?

This is such an old extension, I cannot find a way to create kbd shortcut … that is the first option.

Can you help find where kbd shortcut can be created for this extension>


As with any Context menu entries, you need to have something selected that would make it show in the menu. Then go to Shortcuts and set it. The age of the extension has nothing to do with it



YES: Success!

That was something new!
To select the object to activate the menu item!

This actually works!

If the extension is open source you can comment out the code for the menu. Otherwise there isn’t much to do except uninstall it.

I think it should be regarded a guideline for plugin developers not to clutter the context menu. The context menu should only contain entries specifically related to the model selection. For instance a plugin drawing walls can have a context menu entry for the properties of such a wall, only when clicking such a wall. In my view it is a clear abuse of the context menu to place anything there that isn’t very strongly linked to the selection.


… to change the position of a menu item ?

No not a hack, but there is an undocumented 2nd index (0 based) argument for the Sketchup::Menu#add_item() method that works only on MS Windows platform.

But if everyone starts trying to move their extension’s items to the top, it’ll just be meaningless.

It is obvious that some sort of better organization and enduser customization is in order.

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This is where it all started in 2008!