Browser menu covers sketchup menu


I use Firefox and when I right click in Sketchup Shop it brings up the Sketchup context menu but it also brings up the Firefox right click menu, which covers up the Sketchup menu. I have found that when I put the cursor near the bottom of the screen when I right click the Sketchup menu item is often below the browser menu allowing me to complete the task. I have also found that left clicking on an inactive (grayed out) section of the Sketchup menu brings it in front of the browser menu. However, I not found a workaround for Copy, Paste, or Cut. I cannot get to those buttons and there are no keyboard shortcuts listed for them on the Sketchup Quick Access Card.


Websites do not have a “real” context menu, but they can cancel the default right-click action and display something that looks and behaves somewhat like a context menu. If the default browser context menu appears for you in SketchUp for Web, something is going wrong.


  • Do you see anything else not working correctly, maybe some resources failed to load (red load errors on console CtrlShiftI).
  • Do you have any browser extensions that could maybe interfere (expecially related to input, like “Grab and Drag”)? Have you tried starting the browser with extensions disabled?


  • You can exit the browser’s context menu by pressing the Esc key.

CtrlC, CtrlV, CtrlX should work?


Thank you Aerilius. All your suggestions worked. Pressing escape got rid of the browser’s menu; The CTRL-C, V, and X work; and most importantly, I found the addon that was causing the problem in the first place.


You should mention it here so that others with that problem will find that solution too.


“You should mention it here so that others with that problem will find that solution too.”

Good idea! It was Click Right to Click Left.


Sorry, that doesn’t identify the extension. Even I cannot find an extension with that (exact or even similar) name. Can you provide the name enclosed in quotes, and best a link to the addon’s details page? Thanks!