where is the edit/copy/paste/etc. in the browser version of sketchup?

where is the edit/copy/paste/etc. in the browser version of sketchup?

Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste in place are at the top of the Context menu.
Screenshot - 11_20_2022 , 5_49_17 PM

Please correct your forum profile to reflect the correct version. SketchUp Free is not Make.

They are also the standard keyboard shortcuts.

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I am very frustrated. Been using Sketchup for twenty years now. I would say I am somewhat fluent with the software - to the point that I just got awarded my first US patent for a high-tech industrial clamp mechanism drawn in Sketchup 2015, my favorite version.

However, now I am cut-off from the warehouse unless I upgrade to at least 2020. Well, whatever… search for the non-pro free download version of 2019 and 2020 like its always been in the past, but NO… everything has to keep changing - not easy like before and not available legitimately.

So I try the free online browser version & it sucks. I don’t seem to have a “context menu” or I must be going blind and there are so many keyboard short-cuts that I never bothered learning them.

So I now have approximately 194 models on my hard disc from version 2015, of which about 30 are work in progress and I can’t even download warehouse components to file then open with my favorite version. I don’t expect that you young guys would have much to say that would help my old ass stay happy with Sketchup. I guess I just needed to vent. Found a couple of free online CNC machine works courses that include two semesters of Solid Works training. That will help with my 3D printing and desktop CNC milling. Anyway… thanks guys.

Oh, and by the way DaveR, tried to find how to edit my profile version of Sketchup for several minutes. Was already frustrated so I threw the towel in on that too.

Everyone is entitled to rant, but please don’t rant twice at me. I have no control over sketchup nor how much you choose to learn.

It seems to me you should be using a Pro version but lets put that aside, as it may not be the case and isn’t strictly relevant to your issues.

You can still download Collade files from the warehouse and use them in 2015, or even version 3 if you want.
There is indeed a context menu in the web version, perhaps you could look again. It will change depending on what is selected or happening at the time.
Your desire not to learn shortcuts has been answered with the top tool on the left hand tool bar, it will quickly search and find anything you want. However, the web version does work most efficiently with at least some keyboard shortcuts.
Good luck with getting something Free from Solidworks.
As to editing your profile, when actually in the forum, not your email, click the pink B on the top right, then the little man figure, then preference and it should be pretty clear from there.


I don’t always like changes too, but you cannot expect companies too stand still and not change anything…

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