Sketch up free. Copying from one file to another

I am seeking some up to date advice for the current version of sketchup free.

My specific problem is that I have several ‘parts’ files, ie side in one file, end in another, roof in another, where they were developed separately.
I now want to copy all these to a new file, so that the parts can be combined into a single model, rather than a kit of parts.

I am have no luck with ctrl+c / ctrl+v etc, and can not see any menu options which would replicate these, at least not as far as paste is concerned.

Any help appreciated.

Copy > Paste in Place or Paste

Thanks for your help here. I can see now what I was doing wrong.

Just to clarify, for anyone else have the same problem. I was having difficulty here because I was running 2 tabs in the browser and trying to copy between them - that seems not to be possible, at least for me.
So, for copying, the procedure is;
Open the first model
Select the part you wish to copy then select copy from the right click menu (or possibly just ctrl-C, did not try that way)
Close the open model
Open the model you want to copy to, in the same browser tab
Now you should see the paste or paste in place options and can select them
If you selected paste then click in the model area to complete the paste operation.

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