SketchUp Free web version copying from one file to another



So I tried to ctrl+c ctrl+v from one file to another in SketchUp free web version, but it did not work. I tried to find a method, but I couldn’t. Can someone please help me how to copy from one file to another in online version? Thank you!


That’s not currently an option with SketchUp Free. Save the first file to your 3D Warehouse account and import it into the other SKP file fromm the Components window.


Thank you! And how can I save it to my 3D Warehouse? I made the model component, however I can readd it only to the same file.


Is what you’re trying to save a single component in a larger file? If so, delete everything else from the model, choose Save as from the File menu (file folder icon) and give it a new name. Then upload that to the Warehouse. By giving the file a new name you won’t be changing the existing model; you’ll be creating a new one.


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