Copying to another project


How can I copy a component from one project to another ?


What version of SketchUp?

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Several ways…

Assuming a Desktop SketchUp version...

Open both projects from their SKP files.
In the source-project, select an instance of the desired component and then select Edit > Copy.
Now go to the destination-project and use Edit > Paste - pick to locate the copied instance [alternatively use Edit > Past-in-Place for it to arrive in the same location as the source-project]

In the source-project open the Component Browser and in the model-pane select the required component, right-click > context-menu > Save as…
Now you can import it from that SKP into any new project.

Similar to 2. but select a placed instance of the component and right-click > context-menu > Save as…

In the Component Browser’s model-pane use the pop-out menu and choose ‘save as a local collection…’, this will include all current components as separate SKP files
You can then use the converse pop-out menu item to load a collection or an individual SKP into any future models…

If you are using the Web-based version you can upload to 3dWarehouse and reuse it elsewhere...
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Thank you. I will get on that immediately. I appreciate your help very much.


I finally found where to update my profile. Thanks for the suggestion.