Creating a ( personal ) Model out of a part of a project one designs


Let say that I finished a project where I design a pool or a kitchen with all its set ups, now I like to make a model out of the pool or the kitchen I worked so hard to import and use it in my next projects whit out having to do it all over again … what shall I do ???
skp pro 2015

Making a Face Me component

Make the required part[s] into a Component - say named Pool_01 or Kitchen_02 etc, in case you have more than one to save out…
Select the instance of it and context-menu > Save_As.
Save it somewhere logical - by default it’ll initially offer the location set in your Preferences > File options…
This saves the Component as an external SKP file.
Now later on you can use that in a new model…
Import > SKP, or if it’s in a folder in the Components Browser path set up it’s available as a component to insert into the model.

A reusable Component can be a collection of other components/groups/geometry etc, with materials and layers preset if desired…

Read up on the Component help sections…


More about creating collections here…

How do I make Material and Component Collections? — SketchUp Sage Site


Thank you so much, you made my starting life with skp so much easier!
thanks again, Marty


It depends on how often you will use the bits; I agree that making components out of things like cabinets, handles, doors, etc and saving them in a component library is a really good idea, but if you find that you are working on something that is very close to another model, you don’t have to add all the components and position them all again…

Sketchup cannot open two “windows” with different models in them at the same time - open one model from the file menu and it becomes the model you are working on. However it can run multiple times with different models in each version of the program. When you Copy/Paste, you use the computer’s clipboard - you can copy geometry from one model in one version of SU and paste it into another.


On a Mac it can do so. This is a Windows limitation.


Not sure if you’re saying to open one model in, say, v2015 and the other in v2014? In fact you can have two or more windows of the same version open by shift-clicking the program icon.


Yes to both/all - you can copy from older versions and paste into newer ones (and I think basic geometry works the other way, but I’ve never tried it). In fact you can open the same model in multiple instances of SU if you really wanted, but I don’t recommend it; it gets very confusing.


To clarify the ‘smoke-and-mirrors’ …
On a MAC you only have one version of SketchUp running, and that application can have several SKP files open - each of them in different ‘windows’.
On a PC you can have several ‘instances’ of SketchUp running - each of these can be from the same SketchUp version, or from a different SketchUp versions]. Each SKP file you have open will run its own SketchUp, and the version in which it opened…