Newbie SketchUp Make 2015 Component Question


Hi. I’m a complete newbie at SketchUp Make 2015 for Windows (a month of experience!) and I have a components question. Does making a component in one model allow it to be reused in another model? If so, where does the file get saved to and how do I use it (import it?) into the second model? I have set up the file paths in Window --> Preferences within SketchUp but the components do not appear there when I try to access them. Is this a Pro Only feature? Thanks for your help.


One of the most positive things about using components is the ability to reuse them (and not needing to redraw them from scratch every time!). Component creation is available in both Pro and Make and operate the same in each version of SU. You can store your components in any directory of your choice; ideally, you will select a components folder location that s easy to navigate to so you can readily access it directly thru SketchUp or using your File Explorer.

Have a look at this linked video for more information;



Thank you! I have been finding the tutorials extremely helpful and this one cleared things up.


Well, that was easy! Thanks!