Create and save Reusable Componenets in Make 2016

Currently using Sketchup Make 2016 and would like to make and save some components for reuse in future models
Did the following:

  1. opened Sketchup folder to Components folder and added new folder “Reusable Components”
  2. Back in Sketchup in Components drop down moved Reusable Components from “Recent” to “Favorites”
  3. Created simple test object and converted to a Component and set the properties for the component.
  4. The new test component does show in the “In Models” panel.
  5. Opened up the secondary Components panel and set it to my “Reusable Components”
  6. Left clicked on the test component and dragged from “In Models” panel to “Reusable Components” panel and dropped.
  7. test component DOES NOT show in “Reusable Components” panel.

Is this not a feature in Make? or am I doing something wrong??
Thanks in advance for your help! Happy Holidays!


Open the secondary pane of the Components window by clicking on the + in the upper right corner. Set one to In model and the other to the destination folder. Drag it from the In Model library to the “Reusable Components” library.

DaveR, Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately I had tried that and I am still unable to get an Icon to show in the “Reusable” pane. I am beginning to wonder if its an administrative rights issue on my end?? When I drag from the " In Models " pane to the “Reusable” pane the curser changes to an arrow with a small greyed out rectangle. But it just wont allow me to actually drop the component?

It could be an admin rights issue. Where did you put your “Reusable” folder?

C>Program Files>Sketchup>Sketchup2016>Components

Ah, yes. It would be an admin rights issue. It’s unwise to put your custom library folders there anyway. If you should happen to need to reinstall SketchUp, the Components folder will be over-written. Better to put them in either User?App Data/…/SketchUp… Or in another location. I created a “SketchUp Assets” folder on my C: drive and in it, sub-folders for components, materials, and styles. Each of those get folders to sort things such as hinges, knobs and pulls, screws, etc. This way the same libraries are available to any version of SketchUp. When I install a new version, I point it at those sub folders and I’m good to go.


THANKS! Greatly appreciate your help!!

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