Component Creation and re-use

I am trying to use components made in one file in another file. When I use the File>Insert function on the open file, I can only import other files, not individual components, so I end up with all of the contents of one in file in another. All I want are specific components. Is there a reason for this, or am I not setting a parameter when I create and save the original component?

If you want to be able to import single components, you should create and save them individually. Keep in mind that a component is simply a SketchUp model. If you have a bunch of components in a single file delete all of them but one and purge unused stuff from the file (components and materials) and then use Save as to save it as a new file. Rinse and repeat for the others that you want to save.

If you switch to Sketchup Pro, you get additional options such as the ability to save the In Model components as a local collection or save out individual components on their own.

Ok, thanks. Will give that a whirl.