Copy objects between SketchUp drawings



Is there a tool that i can use to copy object between SketchUp drawings?


Open SKP #1
Open SKP #2
Select object[s].
Edit > Copy
Change to the other SKP’s window.
Edit > Paste_In_Place - to put it in the same location
Edit > Paste - to allow you to choose the location.

If the object is a Component then you can select its Instance in the model and use the context-menu ‘Save_As’; or in the Components Browser choose the pop-out menu to save it [or all components] as external SKP file[s].
These external SKPs can be imported into new SKP files, or if they are in folders in the Components’ path then they appear in the Component Browser lists in all future models, and be inserted that way as components …



Thank for your prompt reply.

I have another question, Do multiwindows work in SketchUp?


One window per model.
BUT you can make various Scene-tabs to jump between views, layers. Styles etc…