How to copy a component or object to another drawing

I have students that created a drawing in sketchupforschools. The drawing has multiple pieces that they want to use in other drawings.
I don’t want students using 3Dwarehouse.
How can we copy and paste components or objects from one drawing to another?

Yes, that works well if we want the entire drawing.
We have a drawing with about 20 pieces. We would like to put just one of those pieces into the new drawing.
I can insert the old drawing into the new and then delete all the old parts except the one needed, but that is very time consuming.
Is there a way to share components between drawings in sketchupforschools?

Wish I would have thought of that before we started.

Thank you

Sorry. I wish I could have suggested it before you started.

What sort of models are your students creating? Are they making all of the components themselves?

I have some plans for wooden toys. They are transferring the drawings to sketchup.
The plan is to print out pieces with my 6th graders and have my 8th graders make them in wood.

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Ah… I see. Cool!

I sent you a PM.

Ctrl + C (copy) > Ctrl + V (paste)


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Must have been added since last time I checked. My mistake.

Yes, a few months ago you did not have this possibility (but testing it now I noticed that it is possible), it’s good that they added it.

Yes. It is a good addition.

I no longer have access to SketchUp for Schools, but I would think if it’s in SU Web, it’s in SU for Schools. Not true for everything the other way around.

Great solution.
It looks like this will work if I am doing everything within one web browser. It would be good for copying 1 object.
What if I have multiple objects to copy from different drawings.
Is there a way to have my current drawing open, then open another drawing at the same time to copy the item.
When I try this, sketchupforschools is only allowing me to copy and paste when I open a drawing to copy a part, then close that drawing and open another drawing to paste it.
I have even tried to open another tab in the same browser to copy and paste, but it doesn’t work.
I am just trying to avoid closing the drawing before pasting the object into the other drawing.
Hope all of this makes sense.

You can only have one SketchUp file open in a browser tab at any one time. To have more than one SketchUp file open at the same time, you would need to have several browser tabs. Copying between browser tabs is still not a thing. You’d need to do the things I suggested.

Got it
Thanks for your help

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