Components Between Drawings

Anyone finding a workaround to Copy & Paste components, etc from one drawing to another. For example…1. I have a drawing I use to prepopulate new drawings with Components I have made that I use often. 2. I have Master copies of items I use to grade my student’s work by just moving mine onto theirs and seeing the differences for the mistakes they made. I cannot do either one due to no copying/pasting between drawings. Is my only option to download those components to 3D warehouse and then uploading them into each drawing that I want them in?

you can ‘Insert’ any model from your computer file system…


That is a much better work around than uploading them all to the warehouse. Thanks John.

You are referring to using the desktop client versions. The OP is referring to SketchUp for Schools. Copy and paste does not currently work between windows in SketchUp for Schools or SketchUp Free

Oops: sorry - didn’t see that. Ignore my previous (now deleted) post.

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