How to "export" a single component from an existing model?


Ive made a model with a ton of components that Ive made during the modelling. A student of mine have also made a ton of components in her own model. Now the question is, how can we share the components weve made in eachothers model? I cannot seem to be able do "download" just one part of the component, and I cant “copy - paste” the component from one model to another.

Any suggestions?


Why not? If you have access to both files you should be able to. Select and copy in one file, open the other and paste in place.

It should right? I actually got it once, I copied 3 components from one model to another. But now it wont go again. Ive got fiber 50/50 connection so it shouldnt be the upload-rate thats causing the hickup. Does it work with ease when you copy/paste?

If you save out all the things you want to share in a separate file, that file can be imported into your colleagues model.

Ah, that is another way, but i have quite alot of unnecassery components in my current model, is there a way of removing thoose models?

Btw: I recorded the screen trying to copy a component from one model to another, the copy function works fine in the original model, but in the “new model” where i want to paste the component the “clip-board” seems all greyed out.

Screen mirror with copy-function

If you use the Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…
This will optimize your model’s collection of Component definitions [as viewed in the Components Browser]

Then you can save component-definitions externally…

To save just one select instance of it, then right-click > context-menu > Save As… and choose where it’s to be saved…
Alternatively select its entry in the Components Browser > Model tab, then right-click > context-menu > Save As… and choose where it’s to be saved…

To save ALL of the Model’s Components in one go… in the Components Browser > Model tab, right-hand arrow click > drop-down-list > Save as a local collection… and choose where they are to be saved…

The components are now split off into separate SKP files and can be easily reused in other models or shared with other users’ computers…

The copy and paste may not work between two web app sessions. You would want to do the copy, open the other model in the same tab, then paste.

The other advice I’ve seen people giving you seems to be for the desktop version, though the general techniques should apply to the web version.

In the school version just delete everything you don’t want and then use the hamburger menu upper left to save as. Then share that file. If it’s a lot to delete then select the things you want, copy them, select all and delete everything, then paste in place to restore the things you want.

As Colin pointed out and I should have been more clear earlier… The two files you want to copy/paste from and into need to be in the same browser tab, so not open at the same time. You must open one, copy the thing, close that file and open another in the same session, then paste.

SketchUp Free (schools) will import components directly from the desktop by dragging and dropping them into an open model in your browser. So the another way might be for your colleague to make a file with only the things to share and download it to their computer, then email you that file which you can drop into an open sketchup session. You will be asked if you want to import this .skp as a component.